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What’s New in Terrasolid v017

Author: Geocue, February 9, 2017

The following are the highlights of the new features that have been added to the Terrasolid software between February 2016 and February of 2017, and can be found in the version 017 releases.


New Features in TerraScan Feb 2017

  • Set withheld bit for Delete By Class and Delete By Line macro actions
  • Various improvements
  • Image number and Distancefield types added to user point formats
  • Split at gaps menu command in ManageTrajectories can now use loaded points (required a project earlier)
  • Set AccuSnap offin Settings
  • Multiply by setting added to Fix time
  • Support for OSTN15 projection system with correction grids
  • Support for SBTC/SBIC trajectory format as input
  • Faster Display Speed
  • Inside Fence supports multiple polygons
  • Group & Group + Intensity display modes
  • Intensity Auto & Intensity Custom display modes
  • Normal + Intensity display mode
  • “Fit to View” option in elevation coloring
  • Camera option in Synchronize Views
  • Building Vectorization Improvements
  • Mouse Point Adjustment Key-in
  • Reference Points and Fitting to Reference tool
  • Thinning Points to Fixed Density
  • Draw Polygons as Macro Action
  • New options in Classify by Range (Offset and Forward distance)
  • Compute Distance and changes in Distance Coloring
  • Classify Surface Points routine from sUAS acquired data (both LIDAR and Photogrammetric Point Clouds)
  • Smoothen XYZ
  • Tree Database Population Tools
  • Create Tree Cells
  • Place Tree Cells
  • Modify Tree Cells
  • Output Tree Cells
  • Read Tree Cells
  • Show Google Street View tool
  • Classify using Groups
  • Improvements in Assign Groups
  • Group Numbers & Project
  • Fix Border Groups
  • Create Point Group
  • Merge Point Groups
  • Classify Groups
  • By Best Match
  • By Class
  • By Distance
  • One Point in Group
  • By Test Parameters


New Features in TerraMatch Feb 2017

  • Various Improvements
  • Support for LAS 1.4 file format
  • Display circleoption in adding an XY point type tie line
  • Find Range Correctioncan now solve range correction per scanner
  • Tie line report displays statistics per trajectory group
  • Option to delete tie line observations by trajectory group in Delete / By criteria


New Features in TerraPhoto Feb 2017

  • Various Improvements
  • Support for LAS v1.4
  • Support for OSTN15 projection system with correction grids
  • Support for SBTC/SBIC trajectory formats
  • Angle down option in setting targets in Create Flythru Movie
  • Blur selected Polygons
  • Place Tile Array – Tile for each shape option
  • Seamline search improvements
  • Edit Texture Image tool
  • Support for Panoramic Images
  • Camera View with Panoramic Images


New Features in TerraModeler Feb 2017

  • Improvements in Display Shaded Surface
  • Read Piles from File

For additional information please review the webinar recording.

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