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Elevate Your Surveying with the GeoCue and Inspired Flight Advantage

American Ingenuity Meets Mapping Excellence

Drone mapping technology is rapidly transforming how survey professionals collect and analyze data. GeoCue leads this evolution with cutting-edge TrueView 3D Imaging solutions encompassing photogrammetry and LiDAR. We understand that a comprehensive solution integrates both software and hardware, seamlessly guiding users from data collection to deliverables.

When it comes to drone surveying, selecting the right platform is critical, considering factors such as performance, payload capacity, local regulations, and cost. Our TrueView 3D Imaging Sensors are lightweight and designed for flexible integration with various drone platforms. A key partner in our mission is Inspired Flight, a U.S.-based company renowned for developing highly capable and agile UAS platforms for both commercial and government applications.

The TrueFlight Bundle

For extended flight times and heavier payloads, we recommend Inspired Flight’s robust drones, including the IF800 Tomcat and the IF1200. Our partnership with Inspired Flight brings the perfect TrueFlight package, combining the TrueView 3D Imaging System with Inspired Flight’s next generation of American-made drones. Click the image below to schedule a time to speak with one of our LiDAR experts.

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Choose the Best for Your Surveying Needs

The ultimate LiDAR system deserves the ultimate drone. Inspired Flight Technologies Inc. offers conventionally powered multi-rotor systems, proudly manufactured in the USA, with the added benefit of local support and service. These drones are NDAA compliant and Blue sUAS approved, highlighting their exceptional quality and adaptability for both military and commercial applications. Experience unmatched performance and reliability with the GeoCue TrueFlight bundles, which combine TrueView LiDAR with Inspired Flight drones.

You also get the added benefit of processing your geospatial data with LP360 Drone, the premier 3D point cloud software for LiDAR and photogrammetry. Since 2006, LP360 Drone has been the professional choice for geospatial data workflows, proudly made in the U.S.A. LP360 Drone allows you to fully leverage your LiDAR and imagery data with advanced visualization, QA/QC, classification, 3D editing, and analysis capabilities. Maximize your data’s potential and achieve unparalleled precision and efficiency with LP360 Drone.

IF800 Tomcat: This latest sUAS from Inspired Flight boasts a maximum flight time of 54 minutes, a maximum lift capacity of 6.6 lbs, an IP43 rating, and other impressive features.

Package Includes:

  • IF800 Drone Platform
  • TrueView 535 Payload
  • LP360 Software
  • Free Training

IF1200: With its category-leading 43-minute flight time and the ability to carry single or dual payloads up to 19 lbs, the IF1200 is the preferred heavy-lift platform for operators seeking quality data capture.

Package Includes:

  • IF1200 Drone Platform
  • TrueView 660 Payload
  • LP360 Software
  • Free Training

When it comes to selecting the best tools for your drone surveying project, you can count on GeoCue and Inspired Flight. Get started with our TrueFlight Options today.

About Inspired Flight

Inspired Flight Technologies is dedicated to conserving resources, creating jobs, and saving lives by leading the American small uncrewed aerial systems (sUAS) industry. Founded in San Luis Obispo, California, in 2017, Inspired Flight’s entirely U.S.-based team designs, builds, and supports highly capable and agile UAV platforms for both commercial and government applications. Selected for the US Government’s Blue sUAS program, Inspired Flight’s solutions have been thoroughly vetted for use in various National Defense ecosystems. Safety and reliability are their top priorities, ensuring robust performance in high-impact applications.

Thoughtful hardware design, coupled with industry-leading human support, is key to their customers’ success. Inspired Flight works closely with individual customers to understand specific requirements and engineer tailored solutions. This commitment to customer-centric design is one of many reasons why enterprises and federal agencies turn to Inspired Flight for their UAV programs. Their vehicles are designed for repeatable and robust workflows, enabling users to achieve objectives safely while vastly improving operational efficiency and the bottom line.

Elevate your surveying projects with the combined expertise and innovation of GeoCue and Inspired Flight. Embrace the future of drone surveying with the TrueFlight advantage.

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