Enterprise projects

Sophisticated geospatially enabled data management solutions

Enterprise Projects

Often overlooked when an enterprise is collecting and purchasing geospatial assets is the need to invest in a sophisticated geospatially enabled data management solution. Effective data management is crucial for geospatial assets. The size and volume of geospatial data can quickly overcome any manual management scheme. Without the ability to index and access data, it can often end up creating an unsortable mess of data that cannot be easily retrieved. GeoCue has worked on many projects to help organizations overcome this obstacle.

Teledyne Technologies MUSES

Earth Sensor Portal is a technology developed by GeoCue under contract to Teledyne Technologies for the Multi User System for Earth Sensing (MUSES). MUSES is responsible for ingesting, processing, cataloging, and disseminating hyperspectral imagery collected by the DESIS-30 camera. This camera is mounted on a sensor platform on the International Space Station. ESP enables users to collect 256 band imagery from any place on the planet, downlink the imagery, process to any of four levels of processing, catalog it in a geospatial database, and disseminate it to registered users through a full-fledged ordering system.

USDA LIDAR Technical Services

USDA has contracted GeoCue Group to work on the design and implementation of a streamlined production workflow to enable the entire USDA LIDAR catalog to be reviewed, updated to modern standards, value-added, and published via GeoCue’s LIDAR Server web portal for convenient accessibility. A streamlined value-add workflow allows them to process multiple terabytes (TB) of LIDAR data each month for USDA and publish via LIDAR Server for USDA stakeholders. This is supported by an education and training program for USDA staff that allows them to quickly and easily use the LIDAR data catalog in their day-to-day operations.