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Our drone mapping sensors encompass a full range of entry- to advanced-level systems for collecting photogrammetry and LiDAR. Select your desired application focus and evaluate our sensor offerings to get started on finding the right drone mapping solution for your project needs.

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TrueView 435
Data Collection LIDAR + Imagery
Laser ScannerHesai PandarXT
LIDAR Beams/Returns16/2
LIDAR Range 80 m @ 20% reflectivity
Pulse Repetition Rate320 kHz
Cross-Track Field of View 120°
Positioning and Orientation System (POS)Applanix APX -15
AccuracyBetter than 5 cm, RMSE
PrecisionBetter than 5 cm at 1 σ
Camera SensorDual 1’’ mechanical shutter, hardware mid-exposure pulse, 20 MP, RGB
TrueView 515
Data Collection LIDAR + Imagery
LIDAR ScannerHesai PandarXT-32
LIDAR Beams/Returns32/2
LIDAR Range80m @ 20% reflectivity
Cross-Track Field of View120°
Pulse Rate Repition640 kHz
Positioning and Orientation System (POS)Applanix APX-15
Accuracy Better than 5 cm, RMSE
Precision Better than 5 cm at 1 σ
Camera SensorDual 1’’ mechanical shutter, hardware mid-exposure pulse, 20 MP, RGB
TrueView 655/660
Data CollectionLIDAR + Imagery
LIDAR ScannerRIEGL miniVUX-3
LIDAR Beams/Returns Up to 5 per outgoing pulse
LIDAR Range100m for targets with >20% reflectivity
Pulse Rate RepetitionUp to 300 kHz (selectable)*
Cross-Track Field of View120°
Positioning and Orientation System (POS)(655) Applanix APX-15 | (660) Applanix APX-20
Accuracy Better than 3 cm RMSE (655) / 2.5 cm (660)
Precision (655) Better than 2.5 cm at 1 σ | (660) Better than 2 cm at 1 σ
Camera Sensor 3 Sony IMX-183: 1”, 20 MP, RGB -> 60 MP per payload
DJI Phantom 4 RTK
Data CollectionPhotogrammetry
Camera Sensor 13.1 x 8.8 mm (1’’), 2.4 µm pixel size
Lens8.8 mm, f/2.8 - f/11, auto focus
Shutter SpeedMechnical Shutter Speed: 8-1/2000s
In-Track Field of View53.1°
Cross-Track Field of View73.7°
Image Size 5,472 × 3,648 (~20 MP)
DJI Zenmuse P1
Data Collection Photogrammetry
Camera Sensor35.9 x 24 mm (“Full Frame”’), 4.4µm pixel size
Lens35 mm, f/2.8 - f/16, auto focus
Shutter Speed Mechanical, Shutter Speed: 1.0 - 1/2000 s
Cross-Track Field of View 54.5°
In-Track Field of View 37.9°
Image Size8,192 × 5,460 (~45 MP)
Supported AircraftM300 RTK - Available for Purchase through GeoCue
DJI Zenmuse L1
Data CollectionLIDAR
Laser ScannerLivox Avia LIDAR Module
LIDAR Range 75m
Maximum Returns Supported2 (3 in reduced frequency mode)
Beams6 beams in a 4° in-track bowtie scanner pattern
LIDAR Range450 m @ 80% reflectivity, 0 klx ; 190 m @ 10% reflectivity, 100 klx
Network Accuracy 5 cm @ 75 m AGL
Precision5 cm, 1 σ
Pulse Repetition Rate240 kHz in 2 return mode, 160 kHz in 3 return mode
Cross-Track Field of View 70°
IMUBosch BM-1088 with optical flow heading aiding
Camera20 MP (same specifications as P4 RTK camera)
Supported AircraftM300 RTK - Available for Purchase through GeoCue

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It's common for users to purchase drone mapping hardware and realize software is not included. Our team has the software to complete your drone mapping solution.

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