The TrueView 540 Sets a New Standard for Accuracy and Quality in the 500 Series, Making High-end LiDAR More Accessible Than Ever

GeoCue and CHC Navigation bring the most efficient and flexible high-end LiDAR to North America with the new TrueView 540. This next generation of LiDAR elevates our mid-range sensor line, offering enhanced density, improved accuracy, and precision, thereby producing a superior point cloud. The TrueView 540 provides users with a Engineering grade sensor powered by LP360 at a mid-range price, marking a significant advancement in LiDAR accessibility and performance.

TrueView 540 FLEX
FLEX Offers Affordable Pricing and Flexible Software Subscription for GeoCue's TrueView 540

Data Collection
LiDAR + Imagery
Laser Scanner
CHCNAV single beam laser scanner - 1535 nm wavelength
LiDAR Returns
Up to 8
LiDAR Range - Usable
400 m for targets with > 20% reflectivity
Positioning and Orientation System
Pulse Repetition Rate
Up to 500 kHz
Scanner Performance
  • Precision: 5 mm
  • Accuracy: 15 mm
GNSS/INS Performance
  • Position: 10-20 mm
  • Angle: 0.006° Roll/Pitch, 0.019° Heading
  • Ask for other IMU options available.​
System Performance
The TV540 incorporates CHC's PPK navigation solution combined with the scanner's 5 mm repeated ranging accuracy, the system achieves exceptional absolute accuracy from 2 to 5 cm.
Camera Sensor
45 MP Global Shutter Full frame Camera
System Operation Temperature Range
-20° to 50° C
1.9 Kg for the payload only
2.15 Kg with accessories

Featured applications

Densely Vegetated Topography
Coal pile pointcloud
Coal Pile Inventory
Building Point cloud
Vertical Structures

What's included

Accessories Parts
TrueView 540 by CHCNAV LiDAR Payload
GNSS Antenna
Sensor Hardcase
Concentric Target
Software/Data Management
LP360 Drone Processing Software

Includes Strip Align, Photo, 3D Accuracy Add Ons

1 year of hardware and software support
2 days of included training at our Huntsville, AL office


Looking for drone mapping equipment and accessories? GeoCue sells mounting kits, batteries, drones, base stations and spare parts partnered with our bundled solutions. Contact our sales team to discuss all your equipment needs.
Mounting kits
Spare Parts
Base stations
Accuracy Star

Introducing FLEX

A New Sales Model for TrueView 515, 535, and 540 3D Imaging Systems.
FLEX Offers Affordable Pricing and Flexible Software Subscription for GeoCue's TrueView 515, 535, and 540.

GeoCue proudly presents FLEX, an innovative sales model designed to bring unprecedented flexibility and affordability to the TrueView 515, 535, and 540 3D Imaging Systems. FLEX provides users the opportunity to acquire TrueView payloads at an attractive price while introducing a simplified and efficient yearly subscription model for LP360 software.

Why Choose FLEX

In response to industry trends, GeoCue introduces FLEX as a strategic move to meet customer demands for a comprehensive solution. FLEX is not just about pricing; it's about empowering our customers with a seamlessly integrated hardware and software solution.

Key Benefits of FLEX

Improve Competitive Advantage

FLEX leverages field-proven technology, giving you a distinct edge in your operations.

Seamless Workflow Integration

Effortlessly integrate UAS into your workflow with the TrueView 515, 535, and 540, ensuring a smooth transition.

Optimize Working Capital

Conserve working capital and enhance cash flow with FLEX's flexible payment schedule.

Strong Return on Investment

FLEX provides a business model that not only meets your needs but also ensures a robust return on your investment.

Software Integrations

LP360 DronePhotoStrip Align3D Accuracy
TrueView Rental
TrueView 515
TrueView 535/545
TrueView 540
TrueView 585
TrueView 625
TrueView 655/660
TrueView 680/680LR
TrueView 720

LP360 Drone

Drone LiDAR and photo processing workflow made simple

Use LP360 Drone for

  • Intuitive workflow
  • Multi-flight import and processing
  • GIS interface allowing combination with other geospatial data
  • Powerful point cloud visualization with multiple and synchronized windows

LP360 Photo

We have integrated directly into our drone mapping processing software, LP360 Drone, a Photo engine to produce fast backdrop orthophotos for your LiDAR project.

LP360 Photo is the LP360 Drone add-on for Ortho mapping:

  • Rapidly create your orthophoto backdrop in a completely integrated workflow
  • Efficient fast processing leveraging the LiDAR data with the photos?

LP360 Photo additional features:

  • Export photo package to your 3rd party Photogrammetry software
  • Support most common 3rd party sensors (DJI Mavic 3E, DJI Phantom 4 RTK and DJI Zenmuse P1)

LP360 Strip Align

Data can exhibit small geometric inconsistence, especially when combining data from multiple flights. Strip Align for LP360 Drone detects and corrects these errors via an application of sensor-specific mathematical modeling. Strip Align is a fully automated process with no need for users to set project-specific “tuning” parameters or to move in and out of the LP360 Drone processing environment – press a button and it works!

LP360 3D Accuracy

Automated horizontal and vertical checks remove the need for manual interaction

Use 3D Accuracy for:

  • Automatically transform your check point coordinates into you project coordinates including datum and epoch
  • “AutoTarget” – Automatically find a 3D target on a drone dataset
  • Calculation of correction for any 3D target
  • Seamless workflow to apply the correction on the point cloud
  • Use with ground control equipment

Drone Platforms

Our TrueView 3D Imaging Sensors were designed as a lightweight payload to allow flexible integrations on numerous drone platforms. We have worked with several drone providers to provide customers the complete drone mapping solution they are looking for. Don’t see the company you’re looking for, contact our team and we can discuss custom integrations!

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