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We offer structured training courses for all GeoCue software and hardware offerings covering a broad range of LIDAR mapping workflows. Regardless of your organization’s experience, we will work with you to develop a training plan that helps your staff become more efficient with the software and drone mapping tools while improving their understanding and depth of knowledge about LIDAR data processing. 

In addition to teaching tools and techniques, we will cover the basic underlying processes of mapping methods as well as covering industry best practices and procedures. Our team is equipped to provide training virtually and/or in-person depending on your preference. 


Consulting Services

We recognize that our clients look to us for a range of professional consulting services in addition to providing them with the best LIDAR and drone mapping solutions. Whether you are managing the deployment of a new technology, looking to build a detailed training curriculum for new staff or are an experienced firm looking for external process auditing and best practices advice, we can help you.

Monthly True View Training Sessions

Considering drone LIDAR? Contact our team to attend our two day training session, offered monthly at our Huntsville headquarters.

Day 1: True View Flight Operations and Preliminary Data Processing

This training session offers an overview of the True View hardware components, onsite flight demo and True View EVO post-processing software workflow and tools.

Day 2: Ground Classification and Derivative Products

  • Adaptive TIN Algorithm – What You Need to Know
  • Working With Point Cloud Tasks (PCTs) (Hands-On)
  •  Accuracy Assessment, Debias and Dealing With Noise
  • Data Smoothing (Hand-On)
  • Automatic Ground Classification (Hands-On)
  • Ground Class Cleanup & Manual Editing Tools. (Hands-On)
  • Classification Strategies, Additional Tools and Macros
  • Data Thinning (Hands-On)
  • Using the Export Wizard 

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