LIDAR Sensor Rental

Explore drone LIDAR at low risk and low cost.

TrueView 3DIS Rental

Drone LIDAR is becoming a necessary addition to the survey mapping industry. However, the cost of drone LIDAR hardware and software tools can be a barrier to entry. GeoCue's TrueView 3DIS rental program provides easy access to the drone LIDAR/ imagery arena.

In this program, you receive the full TrueView 3DIS solution including training and support. GeoCue understands that some projects take more or less time than others, therefore, we offer rental periods as short as 1 month! If you end up realizing that a traditional purchase is more practical for the future, we can easily upgrade your purchase at a time that fits your schedule.


TrueView 435 3DIS

TrueView 435 3DIS

Utility Grade Sensor

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TrueView 515 3DIS

TrueView 515 3DIS

MOST POPULAR! All-Purpose Sensor

Learn More | TrueView 515



  • TrueView 435 3DIS  
  • TrueView 515 3DIS 


  • Mounting Kit for M600 or M300 drone
  • 1 TrueView Battery + Battery Charger
  • USB 
  • Control Box
  • GNSS Antenna
  • Sensor Hardcase



System is kept up to date with respect to hardware, firmware and calibration! All accessories and parts must be returned to GeoCue once your subscription has expired. Failed systems are exchanged within 2 business days (USA only, other countries vary)


Considerations for Drone LIDAR Rental

  • Pay as you go model means less up-front cash
  • Great for companies who are only occasionally doing drone mapping
  • Short subscription periods are an excellent way to “test the waters” of drone mapping
  • The TrueView Point system makes allocation of expenses to direct project cost a simple formula
  • Easily scalable for varying workloads (surge capacity) since you can add a sensor for as little as a one-month commitment


Customers pay by the number of minutes the sensor is in motion. At the start of each month, customers receive 3,250 “timed” TrueView points. These points convert into flight minutes based on usage and choice of positioning solution. With 3,250 TrueView points, customers can typically fly 20 sites of 50 acres each per month. Additional TrueView Points can be purchased as needed. These extra points never expire and can be used towards the purchase of flight minutes, or on TrueView products and services.

• TrueView HaaS customers receive 3,250 expiring (“timed”) TrueView Points at the start of each month

• These points expire at the end of the last day of the month

• Timed points can only be used to purchase KinMins

• Extra “Perpetual” True View Points can be purchased

• Current price is $1.00 (USD) per 1 TrueView Point

• Perpetual points never expire

• Perpetual points can be used to buy KinMins, TrueView products and TrueView services

• Perpetual points cannot be exchanged for money

Our minimum rental period is 1 month.

No. We do not rent drones.