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Traditional Manned LIDAR Solutions

Light Detection and Ranging has revolutionized the way we capture elevation data and map 3D features. Having the tools and expertise to work with LIDAR point cloud data is critical to realizing the value of data sets.

LIDAR Drone Mapping Sensors & Software

GeoCue has developed a family of 3D imaging mapping sensors partnered with processing software and post deployment support to offer users a fully integrated solution for drone mapping applications. Along with a unique subscription/rental model, users can explore UAV LIDAR at low risk, and low cost.

LIDAR Imagery
& Data Management

GeoCue provides a range of solutions for managing geospatial data, particularly for storage, searching and distribution of LIDAR and imagery. Whether your need is local data management for a small production shop or state-wide distribution, GeoCue has a solution for you.

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GeoCue Releases True View EVO Embedded Metashape

We have built interfaces directly into our LIDAR/Photogrammetric processing software, True View EVO, for driving both an embedded version of Metashape (Metashape for EVO, MfE) as well as the full GUI version of Metashape Professional.

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Shoreline Polygon Used As A Water Flattening Polygon

Basic LIDAR Breaklines in True View EVO

We find that traditional surveyors who transition to drone-based LIDAR systems are often concerned with how breaklines can be added to models in our EVO post-processing software. The good news is that True View EVO contains extensive tools for both adding and enforcing breaklines in topographical modeling

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