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We work with the industry’s leading companies to deploy and build scalable LiDAR and drone mapping software and hardware.

Point cloud software

LiDAR has revolutionized the way we capture elevation data and map 3D features. Having the tools and expertise to work with LiDAR point cloud data is critical to realizing its value. GeoCue offers a complete range of professional LiDAR mapping software, training, and support.

Drone mapping solutions

Drone mapping technology is rapidly evolving and has changed the way survey professionals collect data. GeoCue is at the forefront of research and development for new technologies, offering solutions ranging from photogrammetry to LiDAR. We understand that a complete solution is comprised of both software and hardware components taking users from collection to data deliverables.

Dual purpose mobile mapping and drone LiDAR systems

The best of both worlds, to recreate your world! For some projects, you need drone LiDAR. For others, you need mobile mapping LiDAR. And for others you need multiple perspectives from both. Buy one sensor to work a multitude of projects.

Get the most of your geospatial data in the following applications

Surveying & Mapping
Civil Engineering/DOT
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What our users say about us

To survey a heavily, densely, vegetated area with marsh wetlands would take weeks with a traditional crew or multiple crews.
Whereas, in comparison, our UAS operations department was able to use the TrueView 635, in conjunction with LP360, to complete a 600-700 acre topographic survey in a matter of 2-3 days, including planning, operations, processing, and deliverables.
TrueView is a versatile system that allows for precise project planning and execution of UAS-based lidar and imagery.
The LP360 Drone post-processing software builds on our already great experience with other software offerings from GeoCue. It is easy to use, has a great user interface, and offers a single software solution from field data collection to finished data ready to be consumed for engineering and surveying solutions.