Software for high resolution georeferenced orthophotos.

Agisoft Metashape

GeoCue is an authorized reseller of Agisoft Metashape. At GeoCue, we support customers who purchase Agisoft Metashape for surveying and mapping applications.

Metashape generates high-resolution, georeferenced orthophotos (up to 5 cm accuracy with ground control points) and exceptionally detailed digital elevation models/textured polygonal models. The fully automated workflow enables a non-specialist to process thousands of aerial images on a desktop computer to produce professional-class photogrammetric data.

Available for individual purchase.

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Photogrammetry with Agisoft in LP360

With LP360 software add-on called Photogrammetry with Agisoft, you can create:

  • Photogrammetry products directly from LP360
  • Agisoft project seamlessly for further editing and processing in Agisoft software

Several Agisoft License options are available and compatible with LP360 specific add-on:

  • Console (GUI less and node-locked)
  • Agisoft Metashape Professional Edition (Node-locked)
  • Full floating
  • Enterprise

Agisoft and LP360 specific add-on Licenses need to be purchased separately.