Drone mapping solutions

Everything you need for your drone mapping projects from hardware and software to training, support, and data management.

Why use drone mapping?

Drones are a must-have technology in the surveying toolbox. Drone mapping makes acquiring, processing, and analyzing data more efficient and accurate. GeoCue's drone mapping solutions encompass a full range of entry- to advanced-level systems for collecting photogrammetry and LiDAR. Including drone mapping in your business adds a technological advantage in a highly competitive field.

Drone mapping hardware

Drone-enabled sensors have opened up a world of opportunities for users in the surveying and mapping industry. With our expertise, we educate users on the best platforms to successfully meet surveying requirements. We offer drone platforms, LiDAR/imagery sensors, and mapping software solutions that enable users to perform high-accuracy 3D drone mapping. Visit our interactive Sensor Selector page to guide you to the best sensor for your project goals.

Drone Mapping Software

It's common for users to purchase drone mapping hardware and realize software is not included. At GeoCue, our hardware is bundled with our extensive post-processing drone mapping software, LP360. TrueView™ LP360 provides tools for rapid visualization and derived product generation. LP360 brings the power of 3D point clouds to the users desktop, providing complete control of deliverables. LP360 is also available for individual purchase.


Getting your team started with the best drone mapping practices may require training. GeoCue provides a variety of training options for all GeoCue drone mapping products. Live webinar and on-site training are options we offer based on your specific needs. Our products are also supported by highly trained engineers and technicians for all aspects of the drone mapping workflow. The GeoCue support team is committed to making all our customers achieve maximum benefit from their GeoCue investment.


Are you entering the market or feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available? GeoCue offers consulting services needed to easily integrate drone mapping into your workflow. We can help your organization secure the many benefits of this exciting new technology.