How to Enter the Drone LIDAR Business

Published On: January 27, 2021

Interested in Entering the Drone LIDAR Business?

Often times we are approached by organizations that perform small area engineering or topographic mapping who are interested in adding drones to their complement of tools. However, moving from casual use of drones to a full LIDAR system can be a risky undertaking. The biggest concern for users is "Can my project work pay for this investment?"

The team at GeoCue understands that your return on investment is important and we want to equip users for success. In building the True View ecosystem, we put a lot of thought into how organizations can approach the addition of drone mapping as an evolution rather than a risky revolution.

In this webinar, we will discuss incrementally moving from on-the-ground survey to drone-deployed photogrammetry and then on to LIDAR through low risk subscription approaches. As we present this migration path, we will provide details on mapping with the Phantom 4 RTK through the high end True View RIEGL-based systems. Our goal is to provide you a pragmatic, low-risk road map to adding drone mapping to your solutions.